Check Out This Trending Punjabi Song – Blessings Of Bebe By Gagan Kokri

By | February 22, 2018

They say, ‘God couldn’t be everywhere, and therefore, he made Mothers! The statement has touched our hearts a million times and now, it seems all the more true after listening to this amazing new heart-touching single- Blessings of Bebe by Gagan Kokri.

Gagan Kokri, after the successful release of his erstwhile single, ‘Blessings of Bapu’ has now come up with Blessings of Bebe. It’s a song which is a true expression of selfless love of a mother. A mother’s empathetic presence in our lives is often forgotten, and her tireless efforts to raise her children often pass by! Amidst our busy routines, where we forget to express our gratitude to our mothers; this song has given us all an emotional stir. It, very precisely, touches upon those unsaid feelings and expressions of children which they hold for their mothers; and also, the endless and unconditional love of a mother for her children. No matter the time, place, or anything; a mother is never off duty! The song has been very beautifully picturized, and the story behind this song is intense and heart-wrenching. The melody of this song will definitely echo in your heart and mind.

Gagan Kokri, the soulful voice behind this ultimately beautiful track has earlier crooned many songs. His past releases include ‘Blessings of Rabb’ and ‘Blessings of Baapu’. The choice of songs sung by this singer helps us conclude about him, that he is grounded and much attached to his cultural and traditional roots. Hailing from Australia, this singer seems to have deep-rooted attachment towards his family. His songs truly reflect his reverential feelings.

This song has been released on Saga Music label and is anticipated to tug at everyone’s heartstrings. This song Blessings of Bebe is melodious, out and out emotional, and very much identifiable with each one of us.

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